Umweltschutz in der Pflanzenproduktion (920230435)

VO, 4 SWS, Vortragende: Rozhon & von Tucher

Wahlpflichtfach in der Studienrichtung 'Gartenbauwissenschaften' des Bachelorstudiengang 'Agra- und Gartenbauwissenschaften' (4.-6. Semester)

Dates and places please see in TUMonline

Plant Biotechnology (0000000326 + 0000000405)

Lecture + Seminar, 2 + 2 SWS (5 ECTS)
Lecturer: Poppenberger + speakers from different chairs in the seminar part

Compulsory course in the master program Molekulare Biotechnologie

Electable course in in the master programs Horticultural Science, Biologie, Biochemie, Pharmazeutische Bioprozesstechnik, Naturwissenschaftliche Bildung Biologie/Chemie, Life Science, Economics and Policy und Gartenbaumanagement

Lectures: Wed. 10.00 - 12.00 a.m., 1. lecture: 26 April 2017, room: SR88 (HEZ)
Seminars: Thu.  16.00 - 17.00, 1. seminar: 27 April 2017, room: SR 88 (HEZ)

Biotechnology in Horticulture 2 (920836996)

UE, 4 SWS, Lecturers: Rozhon, Albertos

Wahlpflicht course, Master 'Horticultural Science'
Course Pool I

Offered as a summer school in July 2017

Details see TUMonline; preparatory class to be announced.

Project Management in Molecular Plant Biotechnology (0000001978)

SE, 2 SWS, Lecturers: Poppenberger & Sieberer

Wahlpflicht Course, Master 'Horticultural Science'
Course Pool II

For students which perform a research work in one of the participating labs.

Research Project 'Chemical Genetics', 'Plant Growth Regulation' or 'Biotechnology of Horticultural Crops'

10 SWS, Lecturers: Poppenberger, Rozhon, Sieberer, Albertos

Wahlpflicht course in the master programs Horticultural Science, Biologie and Molekulare Biotechnologie

6 week bench-based research project; offered upon demand (also in term breaks).
Additional information and application by email.